Pay your ESL tab from your phone. Learn More.

Pay your ESL tab from your phone

ESL & Rooam

We are very excited to offer our guests the option to pay their tabs from their phone through RooamRooam is a new app that’s revolutionizing how you pay your bar tab or restaurant bill.

So, how do I pay my tab with Rooam?

  1. Download Rooam, select Eighteenth Street Lounge, and press ‘Open Tab’
  2. Order with the bartenders and say you have a tab open with Rooam
  3. Watch your tab automatically populate on the Rooam app.
  4. Ready to pay? Select a tip and press ‘Close Tab’. Done!

And… to sweeten the deal, even more, Get 10% off every tab when you pay with Rooam. Just open a tab at ESL using the Rooam app and the discount is automatically added.

Download Rooam today!

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