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Addendum Bar is Stirring

Addendum at Studio Bar is a hidden gem located in DC’s Eighteenth Street Lounge in DuPont Circle. Cocktails at Addendum will be driven by the bitters, cordials, and aromatized wines we add to every drink. Base spirits will be just that: the basis upon which a cocktail’s identity and personality are constructed. Citrus juices or syrups will not be used.

Addendum’s approach to cocktails is to apply a modifying agent such as Vermouth or Amaro to a base spirit of bourbon or gin in such a way as to reinterpret and reframe it, not merely to tame it. In this manner, what is added — the addendum — becomes the most important part of the whole.

Hours of Operation:

Thursday: 9pm – 2am;
Friday & Saturday: 9pm – 3am

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